Monday, May 11, 2015

Hergott Adventures Part II: Bienvenidos a Guatemala

If you are following the blog (or our life), you should know by now that we have left Malabo and moved to Guatemala City. But can you believe that we have now been here for over a month!? When we moved to Malabo, I felt like I counted every single minute of the day. We have been here for 8 days and 12 hours. Only 721 days and 12 more hours to go!  And while our first few weeks in Malabo were filled with meeting the chickens at our pool and chasing lizards with a broom, our introduction to Guate has been just a little more adventure packed! (although, to be fair, we did go on a pretty cool hiking adventure when we first arrived in EG...but enough about that)

In our first month in Guatemala, we saw the Alfombras in Antigua, went on a weekend road trip with some new friends to the Copan Ruins in Honduras and a cool Guatemalan town only accessible by boat called Livingston, explored some of Guatemala city, and today, we hiked our very first volcano! More on that below, but first, a few photos from our other adventures!

The start of a beautiful alfombra. This, like many, is made of colored sawdust

Others were natural, made of flowers and grass.

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

The red macaw is the national bird of Honduras.
As we were leaving the park, they were all taking a rest on the ruins.

On a short boat trip from Livingston.

Shortly after this photo, we got caught in a downpour.

After our long weekend roadtrip, we figured we would just take it slow this weekend. However, when we got invited to join a group and hike our first volcano, we just couldn't pass it up! Pacaya is one of three active volcanoes in Guatemala. It also (luckily) is one of the easiest to climb.  So we packed our bags and headed just outside Antigua to the beginning of the trail.  After hiring our guide, and a few horses for the kiddos, we took off. It was a little cloudy, but we still saw some great views!

When we reached the top of the ascent, we overlooked a large lava field in the shadow of the volcano's crater. Then we descended down into the field and were able to roast marshmallows in one of the steam vents in the lava rock!  After enjoying our delicious marshmallows, we headed back up over a ridge with some awesome views and made our way back down to the cars. There are at least 7 more volcanoes on our list to enjoy during our time here!
Do you see the lava stream marks?

The descent to the lava field. We toasted our marshmallows off to the right.

It is with a sad note that I close this post, as it will be the first time that it will not be read by my most dedicated blog reader, my Nana. While others might occasionally end up here through a Facebook link (or apparently by searching Pico Basile!), she had it saved in her bookmarks and would check it religiously, often worrying about us if I hadn't posted in awhile. She was always one of my biggest fans, supporters, and advocates. I hope that in my lifetime, I am able to have as many adventures and wonderful memories as she did.  I know that she'll always be following them, no matter where we both might be.
Love you forever

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